The brutal (and silly) Mr. Max L.

Published on March, 5th 2014Porticciolo Miramare
Seldom been treated in such an unfriendly way: I greeted the person who openend the door politly in Italien, he answered me in English how I dare not to close his elevator door (how should I know, there was not even a sign). As they don’ t accept credit cards, I asked if I could leave my very heavy luggage at their place to catch money. He told me “no”, because “I was not a customer yet” (???). However he charged me 75 % for the night later. (I left). Don’t go there! Avoid this place!
This german young man did not want to pay at the check in, as specified. Why? He did not have enough money! We, of course, accept credit cards, as usual. He told us: I don’t have a credit card!
He was totally fucked up: smashed the doors of the lift, he was giving us creeping glances, and was, we think, a little racist….you know the old story I don’t want to tell you. We were treated in a avery awful way in his country, but we are polite and clever. He is not. Life has been stingy with him. We forgot to tell you one thing: he left with no reasons with no payment! That’s the fucking all truth!
Now you are on the web. Are you happy?

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