A shitload of complaints for Ikea.

Why won’t IKEA listen to service complaints rather than telling customers to bug off?

When I received really bad service from IKEA (it took over two months to get 2 cabinets delivered and the delivery was a complete mess (see http://www.seanglass.com/wordpress/?p…, IKEA responded by saying the only way I could complain or be heard was to write a letter to them. Has anyone else had this sort of brush off experience? How can we help them improve? The experience has really put me off IKEA.
  • rebeccap09
    I contacted Ikea CEO and his team sorted out the issue straightaway! I would recommend writing to Martin Hansson martin.hansson@ikea.com with your complaint.
  • I’m frustrated
    IKEA are still a complete shambles in the UK. I ordered two bed bases and matresses. On the given delivery date, one bed base was missing having not been loaded on the delivery van. IKEA gave a new delivery date, which, incidentally was one day outside the required fulfilment time given in the Distance Selling Regulations – so they already were apparently acting illegally. Requesting an earlier delivery they simply stated it couldn’t be done and also refused to provide any compensation.The rearranged date is two days from now so would have been 27/08/2011. This morning I had a text saying it will be delivered on 27/08, followed 3 hours later by a phione call saying the item is not in stock and an email saying delivery will be 12th November. Five minutes after that email another one arrived saying delivery will be 16th November. Clearly IKEA don’t have a clue what they are doing and are obviously incapable of managing or running warehouse systems.I then attempted to call their Customer Services. On ringing the the number you then have the standard “dial 1 for x, 2 for y “etc. So, 5 for Customer Services which then takes you to another similar menu where you again dial 5 for Customer Services. So, having dialled the customer services number you then have too select Customer Services twice. They clearly don’t want you to call. This all too obviously the case when after a few “we’re busy, please hold” responses you get a “call centre is now closed” message. This however is yet another IKEA lie designed to stop you calling – ignore that message and you are placed in a queue.

    So I finally got through to a Customer Services call centre person. Their computer system isnt capable of telling them what has and hasnt been delivered – as far she was concerned the entire order was outstanding. So I told Customer Services what they had already delivered since they didn’t themselves know. I think I’ve now arranged to cancel the undelivered item. I await repayment from IKEA.

    My advice: wherever you are, stay away from IKEA. They don’t fulfil, they don’t know their stock, they don’t have sufficient internal systems. They are a total shambles to be avoided.

  • with sooo many compaints against this ikea beast, we should organize a organized protest in front of their stores with banners and drums etc etc.
  • Well, I was planning to outfit a new kitchen with IKEA products, even though I had some qualms about pressboard construction (structurally and esthetically inferior in general). However after reading the complaints above, and having tried to call IKEA with some questions and wasting 30 minutes trying to get to a human, I’ve changed my mind. Obviously, they’d rather cut costs than maintain any standard of customer service. I’d rather pay more and be able to count on timely, efficient & courteous treatment. The store is adequate for small purchases, but I’ll tell anyone who’s considering IKEA to expect to be treated like crap.
  • I will never shop at IKEA again. I bought $5000 worth of furniture at IKEA last spring. I went in today because we bought a dozen SNILLE chairs, and 3 of the 12 were developing cracks in the plastic. We don’t abuse the furniture at all (in fact, they received only very light use.) I was told that there is NO WARRANTY beyond the 90 day return/exchange period. Of course, there is no way to determine this by looking at the item, its box and packaging materials, webpage for the item, or even the corporate website. The corporate website would lead you to believe that there is 10 year “everyday quality -limited warranty”: This is totally deceptive. When you buy something at IKEA, remember there is ZERO WARRANTY on the item (other than being able to return it in the first 90 days.)
  • I like their stuff but the have TERRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES. I bought $6K worth of stuff there. A literal ton of stuff. I set for the delivery and I was home the entire time they had me scheduled for.I get a voice message from the delivery company dispatcher at 11:25am that the truck came and left! I was like WTF?! I was home the entire time. There is no way. I call them back at 11:28am and they said to call Ikea. I call Ikea 5 times leaving 5 messages throughout the day (I didn’t get a call back until 3 days later).I live in a complex with over 700 units. I never got a buzz from any delivery company. Ikea manager, Gemil (ext 1446) tells me if the delivery company comes they do not have to wait ONE SECOND. How unreasonable is that? For me to take off work and schedule a contractor and buy over $6K worth of stuff. I never get a buzz and truck driver never gave me a call. Only the dispatcher called to say that the driver left.

    This is an issue with the delivery company but Ikea protects the delivery company and now its own paying customers. Instead, wants me to pay for another delivery. They are buddies with the delivery company and will cover for their mistakes. BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES.

  • I, too had a terrible experience with IKEA. Ordered over $1K stuff online and then when the delivery people called they were soooo rude and said they would only be able to deliver 2 evenings a week. She said, “You’ll be hearing from me.” And HUNG UP! I work nights and the 2 days she stated were nights I am working, so I tried to call and cancel. Spent 1 hour on the phone, mostly on hold, trying to just cancel the order.
    The next day, I called again and finally got to speak to a real live human. I voiced my feelings of dissatisfaction and was transferred to a “supervisor” who just like a Stepford wife kept repeating…”we can refund the amount of the merchandise, but not the delivery fee.” Well…. the whole reason I am canceling the order is due to your inflexibility in delivering the product! She never did get it, and at this point I am going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. bbb.org…… have have good results from them with other big corporations that have tried to screw me over. Definitely BAD BUSINESS PRACTICES, as John said. Unethical, and unacceptable in most areas of business. I guess IKEA thinks it’s okay to scam people like this? The delivery company here in Dallas is definitely not connected with IKEA HQ…. so they are unable to deliver! Why should I, the customer have to sufffer for that?!?
  • I’d love to make a complaint to Ikea but it really is useless to do so as even when you do write a letter (of complaint) as required you get no response .. the Company obviously couldn’t care less .. after refusing to use them again my son had other ideas so off to Ikea we went to buy a Malm double bed .. unfortunately he didn’t scour the internet complaints before we went to realise that the midbeam was a separate package not apparent per store signage nor after talking to Ikea staff (who only mentioned the separate bed slats needed) Off to Ikea (again) we go to pick up the midbeam!!
  • Over three weeks ago I purchased the Manstad sofabed from the Ikea Emeryville, CA store. I paid $799,00 for that sofabed plus delivery to my house.When they delivered the couch I began assembling it and one of the arms wouldn’t attach to the rest of the couch. After hours of attempting (I’m very good at assembling) it became clear that there was something wrong. I called their store customer service, filed a complaint and they told me my case would be answered within 48 hours. 5 days later…nothing, not even a call. I called back and they told me they didn’t know why that happened, apologized and said someone would be contacting me within the next day. Nothing again, this went on for 3 weeks now, I’ve called 7 times and have yet to receive a call back or resolution. every time I call, customer service says they either can’t contact anyone in the store or the store clerk says they can’t do anything about it but will pass it along and call me back within 24 hours.I got directed to one of the store managers, Felipa, who gave me her number and phone extension, but she NEVER EVER answers it. I work long hours, so going to the store is not an option, especially because I can’t carry the couch by myself.

    NEVER EVER PURCHASE FROM EMERYVILLE STORE! There were some pissed off customers when I was waiting to fill out the delivery forms…I should’ve known better!!

  • IKEA commitment to customers:
    You’ll find many ways to contact us right here. We’ll help you resolve your issues quickly and easily, getting you back to more important things, like relaxing on your new sofa.There is no way to reach Ikea, they do not return to mails, they do not answer to phones, online chat is not working! I am still trying to get my refund on the items that I returned…Is this the easy way to reach Ikea customer service, I don’t think so. I am really disappointed..

  • I’m frustrated
    I’m not one to go online to search and write about this stuff, but after such a bad experience at Ikea Houston today this afternoon I find myself in front of my computer to share and express my deep concerns.So like many of you, I too once love and respected this store. It was a fresh and bold concept when it first opened. My first shopping experiences with Ikea was in my early twenties back in the early 2000s. I remember being greeted professionally by clean cut caring customer care people. It seemed they cared or they were trained to treat customers with class then they do these days. The store had an aura of positive vibes and you felt good going there. Hard to explain, but some of you reading this may understand what I’m saying.Anyways, fast track forward to September 4, 2012, I and now a 36 year old soon to be expecting, new father for the very first time. I went had lunch at noon and had my fill out form, a pencil, a bag, and I was on my way to what I thought was going to be a delightful day of gathering and buying things for my baby son welcome new home along with a few wife’s furniture upgrades.

    I spent over two hours negotiating thru the stores gathering all things needed from my list to buy. I was successful and happy to have gathered two bags full – plus a shopping cart full of stuff ranging in baby bedding stuff to wall organisers to children lights to even a stuff animal. Everything I had picked were special. And I don’t normally shop for anything.

    So as I began to run out of cart space I deligently pushed my cart to near the check front ( not to block other customers ) by a space out of everyone’s way. I made a respectful cautious effort of this. I did this because I needed to gather more stuff from aisle of the bigger boxed items onto a new cart.

    It took me no longer then twenty five minutes to do this. When I get back to the front area, I found my cart were no longer there. I asked politely the workers if they knew where my cart went. I thought maybe someone accidently pushed it away by mistake.

    After getting countless run around it was concluded finally that “someone” an ikea staff had determined it was an abandoned cart and took it away to restock. Mind you all of this took like no less then 25 minutes. So naturally I was upset and disappointed and asked them to please kindly ask the staff(s) in charge to bring the merchandises back and to replenish MY cart. I asked nicely. I was basically told to blow off. It could not be done and they wouldn’t do it. So I was upset,…but I maintained my composure because I am an educated person and did not wish to engage in an argument like this in front of other customers. So I asked to speak to their manager. And what transpired next left me COMPLETELY baffled!

    I was expecting an apology. A reasonable explanation. What I got was the most classless rude unethical business practice customer service treatment I think I had ever received in my entire life. It went beyond just a simple human mistake which is simply what this was. It was clearly personal and subjective at this point. The manager had no recollect of proper etiquette and proper usage of the English language. I felt like I was being spoken to by a street gang member. I expected to move on from this point and asked that someone assist me in renegotiating thru the maze to quickly regather my items. Someone put them up, they should know where to return them back. The manager named Melanie simply went all classless and refused to listen to me and just walked off. I had the present of mind to record her walking away to what appeared to be a back break room on my i phone. I asked a staff if there were another manager above her and they kindly looked it up and called her for me. The girls working at the registers were very nice to me. I remember feeling sorry for them for working for such poorly and lowly skilled management.

    After my suspicion of a complete and terrible lack of basic common courtesy let alone common ethical business and human practice by a person in high authority position of such a major corporation, this time I had my device on full recording waiting to speak to the next manager in case she were to be discriminate towards me in any way. And as this ungroomed african american lady approach dressed in over sized ikea yellow polo shirt with her name badge turn around backwards ( her name was never seen )introduced herself as the store manager, I sensed I was not in any better hands. And seconds later my intuition became true. What transpired was beyond my ability to explain. It was all captured on video.

    I plan to upload this video online on various media outlets and blogs, incl. youtube, facebook, yahoo, msn etc..for the world to be the judge. I’m For the truth be told. Ikea needs to seriously re-educate and train their staff. Re-focus on delivering on a more ethical business practice. From what I read on here, many have bad experiences as well. But mine was personal.

    They never should have taken it to this level. As I first wrote. I am not one to go online and write a negative review. I am a reasonable person. But here I am finding myself in front of my computer at 11:53 pm writing and uploading a video about something that happened 7 hours ago.

    I will re-post with a link to watch this hateful, mean spirited berating individual who just turned what was supposed to be a happy positive shopping experience at a once respected highly regarded place of business lovingly known world wide as Ikea, into a nightmare.

    If anyone would like to help make a movement to turn Ikea back to its once polished and well organised professional place of business, please respond.

  • I’m Fed up
    I decided to extend my kitchen units and bought 2 however after waiting a month for a door they could not find in the warehouse I still have an incomplete kitchen. Twice the door never turned up. On two occasions it did they were both damaged.
    Compensation was agreed but should have been posted on Monday, and it is now Wednesday and still waiting.
    The customer service number should be freephone as you have to wait that long. I still don’t understand why you cannot talk to the store management and just the customer service. The service is ridiculous and needs an overhaul. If an international company such as ikea wants to keep it’s customers it should really look after and sort out simple problems without creating more.

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