Ghega Hostel and Guesthouse.

Guest Town House “Ghega” is located in town centre, few steps from Railway Station, Bus-Station, Airport Bus-Terminal, Silos parking-place, in an old building under Fine Arts protection we wait you. “Ghega” place arranges low rates all year round ! Good for short or long staying. Suitable if you come for business or resting. “Ghega” place is close to ANY interesting location in town (Piazza Unità d’Italia, Sinagoga, Ortodox and Catholic and Protestant Churces, San Giusto Castle). Near by Museums, and Cafè’s. Your staying at Ghega place is like you stay at your home. Here you are strictly connected with suburbs and Province (Muggia, Aquileia, Grado, Postumia and Gigante Caves).Very convenient rates! Near by sea shores. Near by Malls, stores and shops. Guest Town House “Ghega” is very quiet and intimate. Here you can find all information you need on culture, business, local food and amenities.

FACILITIES. Toilets and showers are shared, equiped with hairdryer. TV sets in any room as well as heating and fans. Continental breakfast is not included, people can get it at a close countable bar. Bookcrossing service is available.

EMERGENCY NUMBERS. Polizia 113 Carabinieri 112 Police Department (Questura) 040-3790111 Health Care Emergency 118 Trieste General Hospitals 040-3991111 Fire Brigade 115 Railway Handicapped people assistance 040-44705 Italian Red Cross 040-300877 Carabinieri’s Provincial Headquarter 040-7606565

OTHER NUMBERS. Comune di Trieste 040-6751 Musei di Storia Arte e Teatro 040-310500 Museo Revoltella 040-6754350 Musei Civici di Trieste (Assessorato) 040-6754696 Poste Italiane 040-6764111 Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia 040-3771111 Università di Trieste 040-5587111 Trenitalia Informa (Railway Information Service) 892021 Miramare Castle 040-224143 Trieste Airport 0481-773224


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