I met a girl.

Yesterday I met a girl coming from New York, U.S.A.. She was pretty and gentle…on her surface at least. She came (back) to Europe in order to search her grandfather’s footprints. It’s usual.
If white americans look backward they have to look here, the place from where they are coming from. It could be fucking bad for them but this is the truth they have to face with. No history, no roots. Don’t give a shit people who say they are the oldest democracy in the world. Yes, they are: this is why they didn’t change anything.
We did! So we are not the old continent, they’re not the new continent.

When she asked me if I was been in New York, I answered “Yes, I went there in 1993”. She asked: “Did you like it?”. I said: “Yes, it was interesting, but people seemed to be in anxiety and in anger. Like they were fighting. We met few friedly people and they were immigrants from latin America. I haven’t ever seen so many shopkeeper with rifles and guns patrolling their premises. And blacks didn’t take care of us, we were fucking europeans. Everybody looking at their businesses, nobody friendly.”
She told me: “Yeah, you are right.” She quitted and preferred to get to her room. This morning she told me: “Thanks for helping me yesterday, telling me how to reach my grandfather’s old house.”
Have a good way back to USA, remember Trieste and don’t forget to change americans.


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