Ghega reviews at a glance.

This is a topic usually bosses can’t afford discussions at all. They don’t face the problem, that’s all!
I’ll try to do something different, ready to be picked up and put ahead my responsabilities. First of all: are reviews consistent in itself? I can’t respond with yes: they are not. Tripadvisor troubles are the proof I’m on the right way on in writing it. Are them true? Many of them are, but a good review won’t be seen as important; a bad one will be.
The lack of consistent and true reviews are the result of many factors. Usually on one hand they (some clients) are dumping due to their personal psychological troubles, on the other hand they blackmail in order to get some discounts. Both of these behaviors are bad and unfair BUT the world is crowded of scabs.
I have been working in this branch since 1988 and I’m still here, so, I can tell you my point of you is a winner one. We have to increase the value of what we do in order to improve our business that is not MERELY business, it is a way of life and a way to be able to live. This is the only way I know to give customers the best we can: with no kind of straining.


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