Is politness a good way for a successful hospitality business?

I really don’t think so. Business depends on several different factors. Your behavior is just one of them and it is not the very first one. My life experience says something different. I think you have to be polite when it is possible to relate to people who are able to understnad and appreciate what you are doing, the way you are working or helping them, otherwise your behavior it’ll be sounding like making a fool of someone: he/she, your customer! This is a capital mistake: don’t do it!
What’s the really important background of my issue? You can humanize a relationship between people in your workplace up to what money concern is. Where money are involved, there is not freedom to behave, there’s a contract to honour.
I haven’t ever had any problem to be tough when clients were rude or violent. If I lost one client I gained immediately another one. I’m on my way running hotels or youth hostels since 1988 and I’m still here; many clients pased by and disappear.


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