How is a Hostel’s room price composed by?

This is a question people usually don’t ask because it does not matter with their daily problems. But, when they need a place to stay for vacancy or business and have to look for a room and, often, deal with it, they have to face it.
This is the structure of a price-line in hospitality, what compose a room price:
1-Travel Agency commissions;
3-Labour (wages, social security, insurance….);
4-Overall spendings including electricity, water, heating, cleaning products consuming;
5-Premises rent, if the case;

So, before asking for a discount, think if your deal hasn’t really matched your expectations. Hostels, usually, are already low costs places, where prices are truely the smallest. We have to set clients-operators relationship style in a fair way: don’t ask for hard discount on one hand, on the others don’t overprice your rooms.


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