What is expertise in hospitality industry.

If you are coming to Trieste we think you need a valid helpdesk to ask information as well as to get assistance. This is what you need in order to feel very comfortable when abroad. Ghega Hostel provides a multi-lingual staff, town born, which will be able to see you for discovering Trieste and its sorroundings, finding plenty of hidden treasures out.
A staff working since 1988 in hospitality industry will be able to introduce you to the history, heritage and arts in town.
Many places are making a (very) low cost policy during the year. Prices are going up and down frequently (no rate-parity at all!); we don’t really know why but their own business troubles. We think you are able to value what type of policy it is: this is a dumping policy.
We also know that you can value if someone is working honestly (paying taxes and labour regularly, having an official spending plan…) cannot dump at all. So don’t care about loss leaders marketed as they were fair and honest. Just choose expertise.


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