Ghega customers’ reviews.


I can’t recommend this place enough. (located at Via Ghega, 3-34132 Trieste, Tel 340/7042896)at $26 Euro a night(as of october 07)clean,and centrally located, it’s a great deal. But best of all was the owner, Sergio Mauri. I was in town for a job, and had not been warned that my first weekend in town was the famous annual regatta. Every room and bed in town was booked at double the normal rates. My would-be employer (I didn’t take the job, don’t know why) refused to help me find a couch or a floor. When I mentioned this to Sergio, he let me keep the same room through the regatta weekend AT THE EVERYDAY PRICE! There were two or three beds in my room and he could have made a lot more money on it that weekend. A truly good man. We also had many excellent conversations about politics, music,(he is a huge jazz fan), and the general insanity of the human race. I would’ve been sleeping on the street if he hadn’t helped me. Grazie mille Sergio.
Joe Pachinko
Oakland, CA USA Mon 06/16/2008

>>From internal source: Sophia S. + Adriaan Jasper D.:
We slept at Ghega place, on the 11 th of July 2011, after looking for a cheap place, dealing with high rated places. We had a good time there: we hadn’t enough money that night and asked Ghega owners to make a hard-discount price for us. They did!
Actually we can report the place is comfortable, it has a good location, nice and spacious rooms. We can suggest this place to everybody.

From internal source: Pauline I. + Clara D. + Calypso P. + Marjorie P.: Thanks to the owners who have been very patient and polite, letting us to take a shower after check-out. Good location.

Internal source: clean, young, friendly, professional. John + Joyce


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