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Throughout its history, Trieste has been a crossroad of different peoples and religions, and its churches still reveal its cosmopolitan heritage. The city is surrounded by the sea and the characteristic highland. These calcareous rocks host an extremely varied flora, including the red sumac and innumerable other flowers of rare beauty. In the tiny Carsiana valley, a botanic garden created near Sgonico, microclimates allow one to admire the multifarious aspects of the flora. There are the perfumes of Mediterranean herbs growing alongside yellow ginestra brooms, burning bushes, windflowers, patentillas and Alpine ferns hidden in the moist winding ravines. Paths marked by the tracks of rock-deer and badgers lead to flowery glades, caves and lairs inhabited by rosy oims – an ancient, almost extinct species of blind amphibian. Along the stony path from Opicina to Monrupino there is a natural basin that contains the little lake of Percedol where white waterlilies and aquatic salamanders float silently on its water.

So visitors may walk along shady paths, rocky gorges, impervious caves, or wide, windswept clearings that offer a landscape of unusual beauty. In the typical, orderly villages scattered around the area, tourists can stop and refresh themselves under the shade of arbors and old trees in country trattorias offering the local wines and dishes of a gastronomic tradition that reflects Trieste’s role as a crossroad of different European cultures.

The map of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region shows how ICTP and Trieste are distant from Venice and/or Ronchi dei Legionari Airport.

Bus 51 runs between the Bus Terminal (Piazza Liberta’ adjacent to the Rail Station) in Town and the Airport. The buses stop along Strada Costiera only if you hail the driver. You need to buy your ticket before you board the bus.


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