Most of the cinemas in Trieste can be found along the Viale XX Settembre, where many new cinemas have been built over the last five years. In addition to the Excelsior and the multi-screened Nazionale, you will find the large Ambasciatori, the Super and the Giotto – a dynamic cinema containing all the latest technology. The nearby car park is often full, and at weekends and on days of national premieres there are always huge queues outside the box office.

The Ariston (which also stays open during the summer months) alternates between showing blockbusters and animated films, while if you are looking to spend a little less, try the Capitol or the Alcione which shows slightly older films.

In the summer, you can enjoy an open-air cinema among the trees in the giardino pubblico on the Via Giulia in the city centre, while pornographic films are shown at the Mignon.

The Teatro Miela often shows short and long films from Alpe Adria. These are often shown just once and are sometimes sub-titled.

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