Trieste’s Museums.

Trieste has a huge selection of museums, as it is rich in both artistic treasures and historical curios. Thanks to the nineteenth century patronage of the arts, the city was flooded with valuable art collections, including the collection of contemporary art which is housed in the Museo Revoltella. It is one of the most renowned and complete collections of art in the country.

Also worth a visit are the Civil Museum of Natural History, the museum of San Giusto Castle (a typical example of a military building) and the Museum of the Risorgimento which charts the events leading up to Trieste’s annexation with Italy.

The Museo Teatrale Schmidl is second only to the museum of the Scala in Milan. Here, instruments, scores, records, photographs and other important evidence of the Italian theatrical scene can be seen on display.

The disused Campo Marzio train station (from where trains once ran to Central Europe) today houses an interesting collection of electrical and steam locomotives, while the small Ethnographical Museum of Servola contains a remarkable collection of items which were used in daily life and charts the history of traditions and costumes which are long gone.

The Risiera di San Sabba is the only Nazi concentration camp in Italy and the Foiba di Basovizza bears witness to the horrors committed here by the Communists; both have been preserved as national monuments.

The Castello di Miramare (the magnificent, romantic and ill-fortuned residence of Maximilian and Charlotte of Hapsburg, followed by Amedeo d’Aosta) is another unmissable location to be visited.

Among the curiousities which should be visted are the Piccola Berlino (a network of underground passageways used by the Nazis to conceal themselves and to travel around the city), the extraordinary Grotta Gigante (a natural cavity so huge that it could house the whole of St Peter’s Basilica) and the Casa Carsica – an ancient rural settlement on the upland plains.

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