Tours (6).

As you return from Muggia, you will pass the old, slightly gloomy but elegant Aquilina and the Via Flavia. Turn right in the direction of Bagnoli and follow the signs for Val Rosandra. You will pass the (Rifugio Premuda (eighty metres above sea level) and enter into perhaps the most beautiful corner of the Carso, an extraordinary valley full of paths, at the end of which is one of the few pedestrianised border areas which remain. This area, which is a natural paradise and a haven for climbers, is also home to the remains of an ancient Roman aqueduct.

At this point, you will re-enter Trieste and follow the coastline in the opposite direction. Pass the train station (on your left) and keep going for a few kilometres until you reach the splendid Miramare Castle. Stop off in one of the two excellent ice cream parlours on the right hand side of the road and enjoy a cone while strolling down the seafront at Barcola. Miramare Castle is the splendid but ill-fortuned residence of Maximillian of Hapsburg who was murdered by the Emperor of Mexico while in South America. Visiting the castle and surrounding parkland is a must for any visitor to the city.

In the summer, you will be able to enjoy the Luci e Suoni, (light and sound) festival which takes place on a stage constructed on the seafront. This is an interesting mix of technology and tradition; for years it has put on successful performances charting the history and of the castle and its successive inhabitants in various languages.

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