Tours (5).

Muggia itself is a beautiful seaside town. It has its own distinct history, which differs from that of Trieste. This is mainly due to a vow of loyalty which it made to Venice in the thirteenth century. The old town centre contains a beautiful harbour set in the midst of old, narrow streets which are full of character. This area has been recently renovated and is dominated by a magnificent fourteenth century castle. A few kilometres away from the town centre stands the Romanesque basilica of Santa Maria Assunta; from the square in front, you can take in a magnificent panoramic view.

Muggia is also home to an enormous tourist complex – Porto San Rocco – which contains hotels, sports grounds, restaurants, boat moorings and other tourist attractions. It was built on the sight of a ship-yard where world-renowned ship builders once plied their trade.

The town is also famous for its carnevale, which is a tribute to ancient folk traditions and rituals. For decades, hundreds of enthusiastic townspeople have been involved in the construction of large, allegorical floats and in the design and creation of stupendous costumes.


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