Trieste Tours (3).

Now, leave the coast and head back to the Piazza dell’Unità and then on to the Piazza della Borsa (a pedestrianised area containing numerous beautiful buildings) where you wil find an old historical café called the Tergesteo which stands beneath the gallery of the same name. Then skirt around the police station until you get to the Teatro Romano. This is a semi-circular construction dating back to the first or second century A.D., but which was only discovered in the 1930’s, during routine renovation work in the area.

From here, you will reach the commercial heart of Trieste with its shopping streets: Via Mazzini, Corso Italia, Via Carducci and Via Battisti. On Via Battisti you will also find the Caffè San Marco which with its typically Central European atmosphere has always been a favoured meeting place for literati and intellectuals, including the writer Claudio Magris). This area is full of the best shops in the city and is always clogged up with traffic.

The historic tram leaves from Piazza Oberdan, at the bottom of Via Carducci. This old-fashioned means of transport will take you from the heart of the city to Opicina, a typical village in the upland plains. Travelling by tram is a splendid experience, and it is well worth spending a day on this excursion.


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