Trieste’s Tours (2).

If you continue along the coast in the direction of the train station, you will see evidence of elegant nineteenth-century Trieste: neo-classical and Art Nouveau buildings including the Teatro Verdi (which is reminiscent of the near-perfect Scala in Milan), the Carciotto Palace (with its beautiful façade divided by six ionic columns) as well as the Canal Grande (built as a trade route) which runs inland from the sea towards the centre of Trieste.

From the large jetty on your left, you will be able to take in an unsurpassed night view of the illuminated coast. As the poet Umberto Saba wrote, the beauty of Trieste is in its variety; every corner you turn is like entering a different continent. You will find Italy, Austria, the East, the Levant, with its market traders in red fez’s and lots more besides.

If you walk off in the opposite direction, you will get to an unusual building resembling a church which locals have even nick-named Santa Maria of the Guato (guato being the name of a small, commonly-found fish in local dialect); in reality, the buidling has housed an aquarium since 1913, and the structure which resembles a bell tower is nothing more than a tank inside which is a pump that sends seawater and nutrients down to the tanks where the fish are kept.

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