Where to stay in Trieste if looking for James Joyce or Arts and Literature’s scent.

Trieste is a small city which has only recently begun to realise its potential to attract tourism. For this reason, there are often not enough beds available in the city at certain times of the year. This shortage generally occurs at times when exhibitions, international conferences and other frequently organised large events are hosted in the city. Places such as the Area di Ricerca (one of the largest technology parks in Europe) and the Congress Centre of the Stazione Marittima beside the Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia have become points of reference for international medical, scientific and social institutions. The programmes of exhibitions and meetings offered are always of the highest standard.

Finding a place to stay can therefore be easier said than done, so it is best to book in advance in order to avoid disappointment. You will be faced with a perfectly respectable choice of accomodation. This choice stems from the fact that the city has had to make adjustments in order to cope with its newfound tourist status, which has lead to the construction of a number of new, upmarket hotels. It should be noted that in Trieste, (unlike in other parts of the country) there is no one area where all the most elegant hotels are to be found (such as those along the seafront on the upland plains of the Carso), nor are there hotels which are predominantly aimed at business travellers.

Ghega place issue. 

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