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DECEMBER 6 + 7, 2016: 2 NIGHT, 4 PEOPLE, 220,00 € . Go to this page in order to make your reservation. A Paypal account is requested. Thank you.IMG20141004171522

Trieste Holiday Lettings Mobile App: new feature available!

Now people are free to use a new Paypal button, on our mobile app, in order to buy our special accommodation offers. Our mobile app address is . Check it out!

For all the remaining online management no news in these days: i.e. to book you can use our website usual gateway or our mobile app info form or book now button.

Trieste Holiday Lettings Mobile App: 3rd stage.

The third stage has been accomplished. We added a Notifications page, something like a daily log concerning our Holiday Lettings life, a page between a Company page and an event listing, and a Coffee network and routes in Trieste page. And last but not least just uploaded a new video page where you can fully enjoy the beauty of our town and waterfront. The 48th edition of the Barcolana Sailing Cup is coming soon. We are sure you will find them useful. Enjoy! Check it out here!


Trieste Holiday Lettings Mobile App.

Following the 1st stage which was about launching our Mobile App for our customers and fans, here it is the 2nd stage to be accomplished.

It has been accomplished by implementing a city guide in Italian, English and Chinese on our App, and a BUY NOW button, in order to satisfy our customers’ queries. We also added a page about Healthcare and useful numbers, including local Hospitals, in the case our customers need any type of medical treatment and so on. Last but not least, a page  about shopping in english language. We hope you like it and find it useful. Enjoy! Check it out here!


Download our Mobile App!

App Code – LK-O1NW.

Our mobile App has been issued on Google Play Store. Get it directly clicking on the following link: here it is: download it! Otherwise you can download it by your mobile device clicking on Google Play Store first and then looking for Trieste Holiday Lettings App. Same procedure for iTunes App Store: please, click here.

We built this Mobile App in order to widespread our business and customers satisfaction. Our App fits smartphones and tablets and is available under the name Trieste Holiday Lettings. It allows you, whether you are a tourist, a student or a person who’s relocating into our town, to get easily in touch with us to enjoy our best accommodation offers within our amazing town, Trieste. Get it!

Scarica la nostra App sul tuo cellulare!

Codice App – LK-O1NW.

È uscita ufficialmente la nostra App per smartphones e tablets. Ecco l’indirizzo per scaricarla. Oppure scaricatela direttamente sul vostro dispositivo mobile. Aprite il vostro Google Play Store e cercate Trieste Holiday Lettings. Quindi, scaricatela. Stesso procedimento per iTunes App Store: clicca qui.

Questa App vi permetterà di rimanere comodamente in contatto con noi usufruendo delle offerte per pernottamenti più o meno lunghi nella nostra città, Trieste, sia che siate turisti, studenti o lavoratori in trasferta.

Pay your trip by Paypal.

By some days ago, you can pay your stay at the holiday lettings, by Paypal. It’s an easy and secure way to make payments, all over the world and for everybody who need it. It has been already implemented on our websites and you can see it here.